Welcome to K Support Commerce Sdn. Bhd (KSC)

It has been said by someone, that “The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams? come true.” KSC works towards the fulfillment of the dreams of the clients. We also aim to establish a healthy and trustworthy relationship with our clients. We strive to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients and for this purpose we adhere to the best of practices.

KSC, with the help of its talented and highly skilled individuals, offer excellent services related to Newspaper and Advertisement as well as TV & Radio. We also offer a wide range of professional services, such as Printing Services, Merchandising/Corporate & Premium Gifts, Website Development/3D Animation, Media Planning, Gifts, Billboard / Indoor & Outdoor Signage.

Our skilled, highly educated and well informed designers, copy- writers and marketing specialists offer creative and effective solutions.

The technical team at KSC possesses in-depth knowledge in technologies such as MS Sql Server 2008, .net framework, middle ware com +, Windows Server 2008, custom made e-mail solution on centos and custom made e-mail solution on centos. Thus our technical professionals strive to deliver high quality services, which would perfectly suit client requirements.

We firmly follow a well planned procedure as far as offering of services is concerned. The first step involves a clear understanding of the requirement of the clients. The next step includes an appropriate planning process and the last step involves proper implementation.

We also give importance to client interaction, which is an on-going process. We inform our clients on the latest developments and suggestions as well recommendations of the clients are always welcome. We believe to work in accordance with our clients.

We also encourage training and development programmes for our human resources to enhance their skills and we also focus on their professional development, which would ensure innovative and high quality solutions for our clients.

Our forthcoming ERP channel partners are SAP, B1, R3 and Oracle EBS.

Since, strategic planning forms the core of the services offered, our services would undoubtedly ensure profitable results for the organization or the enterprise of our clients. To deliver superior services, we resort to advanced technology and modern infrastructure facilities.

All services offered by our dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team members are priced at a cost- effective price.

So, get in touch with us now, to avail the best of services to outshine the others with respect to the industrial market scenario.