Media & Advertising

KSC offers outstanding integrated Media and Advertising Services. We are supported by our team of creative individuals who recommend brilliant proposals for the promotion as well as marketing of the brand of the customers. Our services are available to our customers at an affordable price.

KSC Media and Advertising Services include the following:

The Malay Mail – It is one of the leading newspapers of Malaysia. It provides a detail and balanced report about the current events.
The Star – This newspaper of Malaysia is available in English language in the format of a tabloid. According to the estimation of Audit Bureau of Circulations, it is the leading newspaper of Malaysia.
Sinar Harian - This newspaper of Malaysia is available in Malay language. It is primarily known for its news articles related to the political scenario of Malaysia.
Utusan Malaysia – This newspaper of Malaysia is available in Malay language. It is the leading Malay language newspaper of Malaysia
Berita Harian – This newspaper of Malaysia is available in Malay language.
China Press – This Malaysian newspaper is available in Chinese language. It occupies the second position as far as the circulation of the Chinese language newspapers of Malaysia is concerned.
The Star Online – It is a leading news website of Malaysia. It offers business news, political news, sports news, entertainment news as well as other types of news
Tv1 – It is an FTA (free to sir) television network of Malaysia. Its owner is Radio Television Malaysia and this government agency is also its operator. It broadcasts via the Very High Frequency (VHF).
TV2 – This television station is owned and operated by the Radio Television Malaysia
TV3 – TV3 or Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (STMB) is known as the first television station that can be grouped under the category of commercial television.
Astro – Astro is a pay TV operator of Malaysia. It broadcasts radio and satellite television to Malaysian households.
8TV – It is a Malaysian Chinese television station that offers a host of programs.
Hypp.Tv - It is a Malaysian television service that can be characterized to be internet protocol and it is based on subscription. It offers IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) channels and also offers the facility of programming based on video on demand.
BTV - It provides for online media entertainment with HDTV quality. It only requires high speed network connectivity for the viewing of VOD (Video on Demand Content) as well as live content and does not require a desktop or a laptop or a satellite dish.

KSC also offers Mobile Truck Advertising Services and Online Advertising Services. We offer Online Advertising services for, The Star Online, Utusan Online, malaysiakini (political news website), (mobile market of Malaysia), (automotive web portal), Google, Yahoo(Malaysia), Facebook and (national news agency of Malaysia)

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